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Adalaj Vav

Adalaj Vav in Adalaj is one of the popular excursion spots in Ahmedabad in Gujarat. This popular tourist attraction is situated at a distance of 19 kilometers from the north of Ahmedabad. This architectural wonder is one of the best monuments of Gujarat.

Adalaj Vav in Adalaj is a seven-storied structure in the shape of a well. It features a number of chambers. Step wells were usually used by the travelers and caravans as halt point along their trade routes. The step wells provided water and also the cool interiors of the step wells provided relief to its visitors from the parching rays of the sun during summer season.

History of Adalaj Vav

Adalaj Adalaj's Adalaj Vav is a step well which was constructed by Queen Rudabai. The Vav or the step-well in Adalaj gets its name from the lady patron, Ruda, who was the wife of the Vaghela chief, Virsinh. Adalaj Vav has an inscription written in Sanskrit, which depicts the entire history to its visitors with accurate dates.

Description of Adalaj Vav,Adalaj

The Adalaj Vav has been preserved and conserved by the archaeological department of India. This site serves as a major tourist spot in Gujarat. Large number of tourists pays a visit to Adalaj Vav every year. Adalaj Vav is one of the finest monuments of Gujarat. Come and explore the astounding carvings, construction and the architecture of Adalaj Vav.

The Adalaj Vav in Adalaj is located in the north-south direction. The length of the step well is 75.3 meters. It is the only finest architectural marvel of its kind which has three entrance stairs which leads the visitors to the stepped corridor. The platform of the Adalaj Vav stands on 16 pillars. As you proceed ahead you will see that the platforms comprises of four shrines, with doors, windows and balconies. The corridor is also wholly bounded by a one-meter high parapet wall. The walls of the Vav or the step showcase sculptures from ancient past.

The stepwell at Adalaj Vav is marvel in water architecture. The stepwell at the village of Adalaj is another fine example of this magnificent architecture form. Adalaj Vav in Ahmedabad is richly adorned with carved pillars. These pillars flaunt leaves and flowers, birds, fishes and friezes of ornamental designs. The five storied Octagonal shaft wonderful sculptures of a king seated on a stool beneath a parasol with two bearer gods, goddesses, dancing maidens, musicians, birds, animal, leaves one enthralled.

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