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Adalaj Vav Gujarat

One of the major attractions in Gujarat, the Adalaj Vav, has been preserved and conserved by the archaeological department of India. A large number of tourists pay a visit to Adalaj Vav every year. Adalaj Vav is one of the finest monuments of Gujarat. Come and explore the wonderful carvings, construction, and architecture of Adalaj Vav. 

Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad Location

Adalaj Vav in Adalaj is one of the popular excursion spots close to Gandhinagar in Gujarat. This popular tourist attraction is situated around 19 km north of Ahmedabad. This architectural wonder is one of the best monuments of Gujarat.

  • Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad Entry Fee - None
  • Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad Timings - 6 am to 6 pm (open all days of the week)

Adalaj Stepwell Ahmedabad History

Stepwells or stepped ponds are found in the semi-arid regions in India, especially along trade routes. Gandhinagar is on this route. Earlier, they were used to store rainwater. This site also served as a quick stopover for pilgrims and traders passing through this route.

Adalaj Vav’s history is quite interesting. Queen Rudabai, the beloved wife of the Vaghela dynasty’s Rana Veer Singh, commissioned to build this stepwell in 1498.

Legends say that this kingdom faced acute water scarcity, and to solve this issue, Rana Veer Singh decided to build this stepwell. Unfortunately, when he started the construction, he died in the battle with the Sultan of Gujarat, Mahmud Begada. Therefore, the stepwell could not be completed.

Mahmud Begada saw Queen Rudabai and fell head over heels in love. He wished to marry her, and the Queen agreed, provided that Mahmud would complete the stepwell construction. After it was done, the Queen asked a few saints to take a bath in that water to make it holy, and then she fell into it and committed suicide.

After this tragic incident, Mahmud Begada ordered the killing of the masons involved in the stepwell’s construction as he did not want any replicas. The tombs of those masons can be seen near the stepwell. In addition, an inscription in Sanskrit on a marble block on the first floor states this site’s history. It also mentions that the cost of the stepwell was around 5,00,111 tanks or five lakhs.

The Architecture of Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj Vav in Ahmedabad is a seven-storied structure in the shape of a well. It features several chambers. Travelers and caravans usually used stepwells as halt points along their trade routes. The Stepwells provided water, and the cool interiors of the Stepwells provided relief to its visitors from the parching rays of the sun during the summer season.

The Adalaj Vav is located in the north-south direction. The length of the stepwell is 75.3 meters. It is the only finest architectural marvel of its kind, with three entrance stairs leading visitors to the stepped corridor.

The platform of the Adalaj Vav stands on 16 pillars. As you proceed, you will see that the platforms consist of four shrines with doors, windows, and balconies. The corridor is also wholly bounded by a one-meter-high parapet wall. The walls of the Vav or the step showcase sculptures from the ancient past.

The Stepwell at Adalaj Vav is marvelous in water architecture. The stepwell at the village of Adalaj is another fine example of this magnificent architectural form. Adalaj Vav in Ahmedabad is richly adorned with carved pillars. These pillars flaunt leaves and flowers, birds, fishes, and friezes of ornamental designs.

The five-storeyed octagonal shaft with beautiful sculptures of a king seated on a stool beneath a parasol with two bearer gods, goddesses, dancing maidens, musicians, birds, and animals, leaves one enthralled.

Best Time to Visit Adalaj Stepwell

November to February is the best time to visit Adalaj Vav in Gujarat, as the weather is pleasant. So you can comfortably move around the area and learn more about the history and architecture of this stepwell.

How To Reach Adalaj Stepwell

Located around 19 km from Ahmedabad, Adalaj Stepwell is easily accessible by road. Buses are available from the city to this stepwell at regular hours and affordable prices. The railway network is excellent in Gujarat, and Ahmedabad is connected to various cities in the Gujarat state and neighboring ones.

Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhai Patel is the main airport, connecting Ahmedabad to many cities in India. Taxis or private cabs can reach the stepwell from Gandhinagar, about 10 km away.

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FAQs about Adalaj Vav Gujarat

Q: Why is Adalaj ni vav famous?

Ans. Adalaj ni Vav in Gujarat is famous for its stunning architecture and a rich history that involves Queen Rudabai, the beloved wife of the Vaghela dynasty’s Rana Veer Singh, Rana Veer Singh, and Mahmud Begada, the Sultan of Gujarat.

Q: What kind of vav is Adalaj?

Ans. Adalaj vav, or stepwell, is an intricately carved architectural marvel. With five storeys, this stepwell is one of the most visited places in Ahmedabad. An inscription in Sanskrit on a marble slab here states this attraction’s history you can read on your visit.

Q: How many steps are there in Adalaj Vav?

Ans. Adalaj Vav has three flights of stairs leading to three different entrances. They all lead to a common platform from where common stairs take you to various floors in this stepwell. There are five floors in Adalaj Vav.

Q: Which is the largest stepwell in India?

Ans. Chand Baori is the largest stepwell in India’s largest state Rajasthan. Built in 800 AD, this stepwell has 3,500 narrow steps over 13 levels. Chand Baori is around 60 feet into the ground, making it one of India’s deepest stepwells.

Q: How far is Adalaj Stepwell from Ahmedabad?

Ans. Adalaj Stepwell is about 19 km from Ahmedabad, which takes around 35-40 mins to reach.