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Citadel of Mahmud Beghada Gujarat

Tour to Gujarat is not only incomplete but an arid experience of vacationing if Champaner is not visited. It is a historical hill town located 47 kms to the north-west of Vadodara. Dotted with impressive mosques like Juma Masjid and Shah-ki-Masjid, this attractive town is charted by several tourists every year.

It is lying at the foot of Pavagarh Fort and the feature that distinguishes it from rest of the places of tourist interest is the enchanting reflection of the ruins of palaces and mosques in the lake. On arriving at this place however the one site that will hold your attention unwavering is the Citadel of Mahmud Beghada in Champaner.

Champaner Citadel of Mahmud Beghada is a rectangular shaped stunning structure. It is very expansive and measures around three-quarters of a mile in length and 280 yards in breadth. This is indeed the quintessential example of the forts and monuments in Gujarat.

Citadel of Mahmud Beghada in Champaner is a very attractive site to behold. It is very expansive. It occupies an area of around three-quarters of a mile in length and 280 yards in width. This lavishly decorated structure is fortified by a wall of huge blocks of freestone and is named the Mahmud Beghada's Wall. Also, this citadel is reinforced by strongholds at frequent intervals. Further the small engraved balconies add an extra charm to these strongholds. These carvings basically reveal the Islamic architectural patterns. You will enjoy every bit of this splendid site.

After Champaner Citadel of Mahmud Beghada you can go to Jama Masjid and Nagina Masjid which are counted among the jewels of the Gujarat.

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