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Lallubhai Haveli

On a tour to Gujarat you must take a trip to Bharuch. It is also referred to as Broach. It is a very fascinating quaint town. Its origin can be traced back to 2000 years back. Lying between Vadodara and Surat from where it takes an hour to reach here, Bharuch is a very famous tourism destination to bask in the beauty of the invincible forts and impressive monuments.

On arriving in Bharuch some of the gorgeous sights on which you can lay your eyes on include a timeless fort perched on the hilltop overlooking the glistening Narmada River streaming below, Jama Masjid on the stunning foothill and controversial Sardar Sarovar Dam. Truly speaking, there are many things in Bharuch to relish. However the one must-visit site remains to be Lallubhai Haveli in Bharuch.

The construction of the stately Bharuch Lallubhai Haveli took place around 2000 years back. Its name is reckoned among the top forts and monuments in Gujarat. The façade of this one storied building is graced with rich wood carvings. Here you will be enthralled to see the arrangements for positioning matchlock guns.

History of Lallubhai Haveli

Lallubhai Haveli in Bharuch is one of the very old forts and monuments not only in Bharuch but in whole of Gujarat state. Its foundation dates back to around 1791 AD. It was constructed by Lallubhai who was an ex-Divan of the former Nawab of Broach.

Description of Lallubhai Haveli

Bharuch Lallubhai Haveli is a very important site to visit. In fact it is a must-visit on tour to Bharuch. It is a one storied building. It was erected by Lallubhai who was an ex-Divan of the previous Nawab of Broach in 1791 AD. On visiting this haveli you will come across a tiny bungli or room that is located on the second floor. It is said that in this room Lallubhai used to conduct his court meet.

However the most fascinating feature of the Lallubhai Haveli in Bharuch which will attract you also is the brilliantly and lavishly done wood carvings on the façade. You will also like the way arrangements are made for placing matchlock guns. This apart, the most intriguing fact about this haveli is that it has underground passages which were the common feature of most of the traditional structures. You will be completely mesmerized at the sigh of this.

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