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Tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Kaba

A tour to Gujarat will demand a special visit to an excellent city called Lakhpat. It is held to be the last frontier fortress of western India. Located at the western edge of India exactly on the border of India and Pakistan at the meeting point of Kori Creek and Rann of Kachchh, Lakhpat draws huge public attention. There are several speculations made on the name of this town. It is held that this town has been so called because here maritime trade was done and as a result of which an income of 1 lac or 1, 00,000 Kori (the name of the old currency of Kutch state) were daily generated. Other legend holds that this city was established by Rao Lakha hence it is named so after him only. However in 1851 AD, Lakhpat lost its significance as a maritime trade center and today this strong fortified town marked with high walls, countless gates and strongholds built of hard stone is almost deserted with handful of families dwelling here. On coming to this city you must hop to Tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Kaba in Lakhpat.

Lakhpat Tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Kaba is a very attractive tomb. It is built of local hard black colored stone. It boasts of an octagonal shape with domed structure. It has 4 very impressive entrances.

History of Tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Kaba

Lakhpat Tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Kaba in Lakhpat is dedicated to Ghosh Mohammed. It was constructed after his death in 1855 AD.

Description of Tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Kaba

Lakhpat Lakhpat Tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Kaba is a beautiful site to lay eyes on. It is very elegant and its structure built of local hard black colored stone creates a mesmerizing impact on the mind of the onlookers. Its octagonal shape is simply an irresistible sight for the art connoisseur. Its refined dome structure and gorgeous 4 entrances are simply outstanding. You will be attracted to its fascinating corner columns, ornate arches on each side and doorjambs. Besides, the exquisite carvings on the niches will absolutely spellbind you. The floral motifs and the tree of life will not let your attention flicker.

The Tomb of Ghosh Mohammed Kaba in Lakhpat undoubtedly secures a distinct place among all the forts and monuments in Gujarat for its marvelous features mentioned above. However the one that still remains to be mentioned includes beautiful calligraphy from the verses of Koran imprinted on the inner walls.

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