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Vijay Vilas Palace Palitana, Gujarat

Located on the banks of the Rukmavati River, Mandvi was a bastioned town that used to serve as the summer retreat of the Kutch Kings. Tourists visiting Mandvi won't grudge about the paucity of tourist attractions. Enjoying a distinctive popularity among the other major tourist hotspots is the Vijay Vilas Palace in Mandvi.

Mandvi's Vijay Vilas Palace stands majestically amidst the landscaped and beautifully manicured gardens watered by a number of water channels and equally impressive marble fountains. The palace is a brilliant exemplification of Rajput architecture. One look at the palace and it won't take the knowledgeable ones to understand that there is much similarity between the Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandvi and those of the Orcha and Datia palaces.

Some of the noteworthy features of the palace comprise of central dome supported by pillars, the windows graced with colored glasses, the intricate and exquisite window carvings, the bastions at the corners and the extended porch. Another aspect that makes this place such a hot favorite for the tourists is the private beach that features air-conditioned and tented accommodation. If you claim to be a beach lover, you can't possibly ignore the appeal of the beach that boasts of a pristine and untainted beauty.

History of Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandvi

Vijay Vilas Palace in Mandvi features among the most renowned forts and monuments in Gujarat. The construction of the palace dates back to 1920. This credit for the design of the palace goes to the indigenous architects and craftsmen of Jaipur.

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