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Holy Places in Gujarat

The holy places in India have always played a significant role in boosting the tourism of a particular place. For the religiously inclined ones, paying visits to the holy and sacred places constitute the major reason why they embark on a tour. But it is hard, even for the pleasure seekers, to ignore the deep religious significance of the holy places. Gujarat boasts of some of the most ancient holy places among which Dwarka needs no introduction. Falling in the league of the most popular holy places in Gujarat is the temple of Somnath. The temple has a mystic appeal and this has a lot to do with the legend of Chandra, the Moon God. This shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva enjoys a unique importance among the twelve famed Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva.

Palitana warrants special mention among all the other Gujarat holy places. Touted as a highly venerated pilgrimage site for the Jains, Palitana boasts of a total of 863 temples, all located atop the Shetrujaya hill. The construction of all these temples at an altitude of 603 meters is itself a mammoth feat. Some of the temples are made of marbles and their origin can be traced back to the eleventh century. Pavgadh in central Gujarat boasts of temples dedicated to goddess Mahakali and Bhadrakali. Ambaji and Becharaji are the highly venerated deities among the Gujaratis and the shrines dedicated to these goddesses are famous centers of pilgrimages for the Hindus.

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