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Bhavnath Shiv Temple Girnar, Gujarat

Girnar is a holy abode of the 9 nathas or gods who are considered to be eternal and 84 siddhas or religiously uplifted souls. On a tour to Gujarat and places of tourist interest you are advised to take a trip to Girnar which houses the very famous and truly distinguished Bhavnath Shiv Temple. The Bhavnath Shiv Temple is cozily nestled at the foot of Girnar. It is a very old temple. In fact it is believed that its oldness has kept its actual time of origin hidden.

You must come at least once to the Girnar Bhavnath Shiv Temple. It is one of the most venerated holy places in Gujarat. It will be better if you take in this site during any of the colorful celebrations like Mahashivaratri.

Nestled at the foot of Girnar, the Bhavnath Shiv Temple has almost become a must-visit destination for the pleasure travelers like the lord Shiva devotees. This is a very beautiful temple and houses a very calm and serene image of lord Shiva. Thousands of devotees come here to offer their prayers to lord and receive His blessings.

During the celebrations of Mahashivaratri which almost is held in the month of February five day festivities are observed here. In the temple a grand arrangement for worshipping is made at midnight that usually falls on the 14th day of the half of the month of Magh. It is sight to behold. This apart, several sages sitting nude on elephants and holding flags in hand with blowing conch shells move towards the place of fair. It is strongly held during these festivities lord Shiva himself visit this temple.

At Bhavnath Shiv Temple free meals are served to visitors by the organizers during festivities. Some attractive stalls are also fixed in the vicinity of the temple. From these stalls you can buy idols, rosaries, utensils of brass and copper, sweets and fruits brought from Ayodhya and Mathura by vendors.

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