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Jama Masjid in Champaner Gujarat

The unique characteristic of Champaner is that it is strewn with remains of ruined forts, well laid out gardens, fortified walls, wells, arches and pillars. It is because of this and many more reasons that Champaner is said to be the redolent of great desolate towns of India which include mandu, hampi, orchha and Fatehpur sikri. Apart from these sites of interest you will come across a very holy pilgrimage site here called Jama Masjid in Champaner.

The Champaner Jama Masjid is one of the very old mosques. It is very beautiful and its opulently done up carvings make it an irresistible spectacle to behold. The splendor of this place is however formed of the 172 attractive pillars and minarets scaling up to 100 ft.

On a tour to Gujarat when you arrive at Champaner you will automatically be pulled towards the magnificent site called Jama Masjid in Champaner. This is touted to be one of the most striking buildings. It is a highly venerated place among the Muslims residing in this part of the region. This beautiful structure has opulently designed 172 pillars and minarets that rise high up to 100 ft.

However the most delightful sight of this spot can be said to be the 3 tiers of pillars that rise above the other and give support to the main dome with intricately engraved balconies dotting the mid portions of the tiers. Besides, the Champaner Juma Masjid also features 5 notable gates that are known world wide for boasting refined architectural patterns.

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