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Mallinath Temple in Girnar, Gujarat

Girnar is one of two hills revered by the Jain community of India. Girnar is situated under a 4,000 feet high hill. It rises to a height of more than 600 meters, its five peaks crowned by 16 carved and sculptured marble shrines that embellish this illustrious hilltop temple city. The beautiful Jain temple of Mallinath is a strong attraction.

Mallinath Temple in Girnar is also flanked by another famous temple named Neminath. There are Hindu temples as well. It is an abode of the Hindu as well as Jain religions. The yearly Bhavnath fair devoted to Hindu Lord Shiva pulls thousands of people. Girnar is the famous pilgrimage center for both Jains and Hindus and has been considered sacred since the 3rd century BC. Buses leave from Junagadh’s local depot hourly, leaving passengers at the mountain base, from where five thousand uneven steps lead to the summit. The path climbs through the eucalyptus forest before it becomes tortuous.

The effort to climb the final two thousand steps of the Mallinath Temple in Girnar is worth it. The views on the way to the summit of Girnar hill are breathtaking. Reaching the top, you shall see a temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Amba Mata which draws both Hindu and Jain pilgrims.

Steps lead down from this temple and then up again along a narrow ridge towards Gorakhnath Peak, where a small shrine covers the footprints of Gorakhnath. By proceeding more, you shall notice the third peak, where a small canopy shelters the imprints of Neminath’s feet. At most the distant point of the ridge, a shrine devoted to the fierce Hindu goddess Kalika, the eternal aspect of Durga, is positioned. This place attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is a very sacred place where wishes come true.

History of Mallinath Temple, Girnar

Below the summit is a 90-minute climb to the Jain temples that have been renovated since their construction between 1128 and 1500. Girnar Mallinath Temple was built by the brothers Vastupal and Tejapala, who founded temples in Mount Abu and Shatrunjaya.

It is believed the famous 22nd Tirthankara Neminath died on Mount Girnar after 700 years of meditation. Asceticism is depicted as a black figure sitting in the lotus position holding a conch in the marble Neminath Temple which is situated just opposite the famous Girnar Mallinath temple.

Best Time to Visit Mallinath Temple

November to February is the best time to visit Girnar Temple Gujarat. The weather is pleasant, and you can enjoy sightseeing comfortably. Further, Bhavnath Mela is celebrated for 5 days in January/February. It includes folk music and crowds of nagas (Saivite holy men) to Bhavnath Mahadev Temple. This festival’s timing marks the time when Lord Shiva performed Tandav.

Girnar Ropeway

Girnar Ropeway is organized by Udan Khatola, India’s first and largest ropeway brand. If you do not want to climb the steps or have the elderly or kids with you, choose Girnar Ropeway to reach Mallinath Temple in Girnar Hills, Gujarat.

How to Reach Girnar Gujarat

  • By Air - The nearest airport to Mallinath Temple in Girnar is about 111 km away. Rajkot Airport is connected with cities like Delhi and Mumbai via regular flights.
  • By Train - Junagadh Railway Station is near Girnar Gujarat, approx. 30 km away. You can get trains from cities within Gujarat and outside. Pune Veraval Express is the train that runs between Pune and Girnar. Adi Smnh Express runs between Ahmedabad and Girnar.
  • By Road - Girnar is around 32 km from Junagadh. Buses and taxis are available from major cities in Gujarat to Junagadh. You can book non-air-conditioned buses from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Surat, and Valsad, as air-conditioned buses are not readily available.

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FAQs about Mallinath Temple in Girnar

Q: Why is Girnar famous?

Ans. Girnar is among the five significant ‘tirthas’ or several Jain Tirthankaras. The Mallinath Temple in Girnar is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and devotees visit here from across the country to seek blessings.

Q: Are Junagadh and Girnar the same?

Ans. No, they are not the same. Girnar is an ancient hill in Junagadh, Gujarat.

Q: What is the best time to visit Girnar?

Ans. November to February is the best time to visit Girnar due to the pleasant climatic conditions.

Q: Where are the Girnar hills located?

Ans. Girnar Hill is located in Junagadh city in the state of Gujarat.