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Nagina Masjid in Champaner

Formerly the capital of the Chauhan Rajputs, Champaner plays home to the renowned citadel of Muhammad Shah, one of the splendid monuments of Champaner. Jami Masjid, one of the magnificent mosques in Gujarat, is also located here. Though there are many Holy Places in Gujarat, an important name is that of the Nagina Masjid in Champaner. The architecture of this historical building is simply unmatched and catches the attention of even the disinterested tourists.

History of Nagina Masjid, Champaner

Nagina Masjid in Champaner is built in the authentic Mughal style. It dates back to the time when there was Mughal rule at Champaner.

Description of Nagina Masjid, Champaner

Nagina Masjid is a massive structure which is built on a lofty platform with large open area in front. The entrance to the mosque is bordered by the minarets which are placed on either side of the entrance. These are carved out very skillfully with magnificent flowery designs. Being supported by the attractive columns and windows, Nagina Masjid in Champaner has three large domes built over the main hall where prayers are offered.

There is also a balcony in the main prayer hall. You will also find a few brick works which are done in the complex of the mosque. The north eastern side of the mosque has cenotaphs in all the main directions. There are fantastic geometrical and floral designs that are carved out on the façade and the columns of the mosque. The architectural brilliance and the intricate work on the cenotaph are simply unsurpassed. Each and every nook and corner of this mosque is a feast to the eyes.

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