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Rishabhadev Temple in Girnar

Girnar is located in Junagadh district of Gujarat in India. It is a blessed hill to both the Hindus and Jains. It was known by diverse names at different periods. The most admired among them were Ujjayant, Manipur, Chandraketupur, Raivat Nagar, Puratanpur, Girivar and Girnar.

Girnar is an abode of seven peaks out of which five are considered to be most important; Amba Mata, Gorakhnath, Augadh, Guru Datatreya and Kalika. The Rishabhadev temple in Girnar features golden color with 24 Tirthankars.

Description in Rishabhadev Temple, Girnar

The pilgrims have to climb 4000 steps to reach the top of the Girnar hill. There are five important Jain temples, besides several Hindu shrines. Rishabhadev temple in Girnar is an important pilgrim centre. The temple features 24 Tirthankars. They were the humans like us who rose and progressively purified their soul in preceding lives after achieving Samyag Darshan and had acquired an exceptional karma called Tirthankar Näm Karma. The Tirthankar Näm Karma is acquired by performing one or more of the 20 austere rituals.

Tirthankar Näm Karma matures in the final life and makes the person to become a Tirthankar after taking Diksha and practicing the trait of great self-denial to destroy all destructive karmas.

Tirthankars are also named as Arihantas, Jinas, Kevalis, and Vitarägi. Arihanta means "destroyer of inner enemies," Jin means "victor of inner enemies," and Vitarägi means "one who does not have affection or hatred towards anyone or anything." This means that they are totally aloof from this materialistic world and emotions. Their life is dedicated to the service of God. Visit to Girnar Rishabhadev temple will give you peace of mind.

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