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Roman Catholic Church

On a tour to Gujarat if the idea of taking trip to ancient towns incite and enthuse you then do make a point to pay visit to Bharuch. Bharuch is an ancient quaint town. Its history of heritage is around 2000 years old. It is located at the opening of the River Narmada. In the 1st century AD this seaport achieved a high prosperity level and flourished to the fullest.

Later it came under the reign of Solanki Rajput. It is held that this quaint attractive town has derived the name 'Bhrigukachba' from the venerated Temple of Bhrigu Rishi. It was later that its name was cut short to Bharuch. Today this city is renowned for textile mills and extensive raw material of cotton. Many travelers embark upon the tour to Bharuch to explore its old charm. However the one particular site they like to frequent most is Roman Catholic Church in Bharuch.

Bharuch Roman Catholic Church is held in high esteem by the natives of this town. Its architectural splendor is the much talked about point. In fact more than being talked about, this site is the sight to look upon for long hours without even a pause of a second.

History of Roman Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Church in Bharuch is one of the very significant holy places in Gujarat. Its origin can be traced back to about 200 years back. However its complete revamping took place in 1861 AD.

Description of Roman Catholic Church

You will love to visit Bharuch Roman Catholic Church. This old church which origin dates back to about 200 years and which was re constructed in 1861 AD, is a very magnificent site to behold. It is a brilliant architectural site.

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