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Wildlife in Gujarat

The city of Bhuj was founded by a local ruler named Maharao Hamir in the year of 1510. Rao Khengarji I, Gujarat with its varied topography is a store house of biological diversity, and commands a myriad species of flora and fauna. In every nook and corner of this princely state, natural reserves abound, every bent of the road makes you hear the call of the wild. Acres and acres of deciduous forests, grasslands, marshy swamps - all combine to contribute to the rich Wildlife in Gujarat.

The Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is another place which houses a wide variety of animals and avian life. Gujarat's diverse topography and climactic conditions support some extremely rare animal species like the Asiatic Lions of the Gir national forest. Wildlife sanctuaries in Gujarat are abundant, all of which are worth visiting.

The Government of the state is upholding the issue of animal preservation and invests handsomely in maintaining animal sanctuaries and natural reserves. One of the integral parts of the tourist attractions in Gujarat consists of wildlife tourism in Gujarat.

Wildlife in Gujarat includes animals like the leopard, wild cat, hyena and jackal, the rare Asiatic lions, wild ass, black buck, sambar, sloth beer, and a substantial number of avian life .But the main attraction of the place centers around the Asiatic lions of the Gir national park. This majestic animal runs the risk of being totally obliterated from the face of this earth, if right measures are not taken to protect it.

The Wildlife Safaris is another aspect of wildlife in Gujarat. If you are traveling in Gujarat and have an adventurous bent of mind, then you can go for a jeep safari in some of the wildlife sanctuaries of Gujarat. But for that you have to take special permit from the concerned authorities. As mentioned above, Gujarat is rich in avian life too. Make your camera do the talking while you enjoy the call of the wild.

There are guest houses and resorts close to these wild life parks and sanctuaries, which provide you comfortable accommodation and a fine dining offers information on travel to Gujarat by air and online booking facilities. For more information or to book a tour package to Gujarat, please fill up the query form. 

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