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Nehru Park Guwahati

Nehru Park is settled in the heart of the state capital and is counted as one of the best tourist attractions in Guwahati. You can visit the park anytime in the year and don't forget to visit the rock garden and open-air theatre in the park itself. Built-in 2000, Nehru Park Guwahati is one of the oldest parks in Assam and was dedicated to our nation's first prime minister. The land on which this park was built was known to have belonged to a church and was later reconstructed to construct Nehru Park.

Many trees are adorned with 45 well-carved concrete statues showcasing the various forms of Assamese folk dance like Ojapali, Jhumur, Deodhani, and more. Nehru Park Guwahati also has jogging tracks and a children's garden facilitated with rides. In addition, you can witness a musical fountain here that operates in the evening.

Apart from the serenity and ecological environment, the place has maintained natural beauty in the park itself. But on the other hand, the park's maintenance has also been top-notch with flowers and lawns, which bloom with great vigor and color. In addition, there are a lot of universities around the park, which is the main reason it is always buzzing with youthful energy.

The entire park has a good vibe and a positive environment that has always kept people in a good mood. People ideally spend 2-3 hours strolling and relaxing in the park. However, being at the city's center, it also serves as a resting point for travelers.

Note: Smoking and drinking are prohibited in Nehru Park.

Nehru Park Address

Opp. Cotton College, Pan Bazaar Road, Guwahati

Nehru Park Opening and Closing Timings

  • Nehru Park in Guwahati opens at 10 am and closes at 8 pm. You can visit the park from Friday to Wednesday as it remains closed on Thursday.
  • Also, the time for the morning walk is from 6 am to 8 am without any entry fee.

Nehru Park Entry Fees

  • The entry ticket for Nehru Park Guwahati is INR 20 for adults and INR 10 for children.
  • For Amusement Ride tickets, the fees are INR 20 for Simulator, INR 100 for ATV (90cc), and INR 100 for ATV (50cc).

Best Time to visit Nehru Park Guwahati

If you visit Nehru Park during winter, it will be the best time for you. Also, spring is ideal for visiting the park with all the flowers blooming.

How to Reach Nehru Park Guwahati

Guwahati is very well connected to other cities in Assam by buses and taxis. Nehru Park, located opposite Cotton College, can be reached by an auto-rickshaw and taxi from parts of Guwahati. You can also hire a private vehicle. Public buses can also be used to reach the park.

Apart from this, there are many tourist attractions in Guwahati that you can visit throughout your vacation. You can book a Guwahati tour package from us to get the best experience traveling in the North East Zone of India.  


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