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Sas Bahu Temple Gwalior

Sas Bahu temple in Gwalior is famous temple, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu by the King Mahipala. Lord Vishnu is also known as Sahastrabahu, the one with many hands. But gradually the name changed into Sas Bahu Temple, perhaps by mispronunciation, or misinterpretation.

Lord Vishnu is supposed to be the preserver of this Universe. He keeps vigilance over this earth and if there is any disobedience among men, he punishes them. But he is also considered to be the most kind hearted among the Hindu Gods, who come to help his followers under any circumstances.

King Mahipala wished for the success of his Kingdom and the overall prosperity. This being ranted by The Lord, a temple was constructed to commemorate Lord Vishnu. So, the name Sahastrabahu was given to this temple which later in course of time changed into Sas Bahu Temple. The construction of this temple was completed in the year 1092 AD by the king Mahipala.

At the Gate of the Sas Bahu Temple in Gwalior there is a caption in Sanskrit. The doorway gives the view of the Indian Trinity, Lord Brahma, the creator, Lord Vishnu the Preserver and Lord Shiva or the Destroyer.

The temple has rare quality of architectural skill displayed in it, it has all the qualities of a fabulous worship. There are two temples, which are conjointly known as the Sas Bahu Temple. One of the temples is bigger than the other, and perhaps for that reason, one is considered as the Mother-in Law whiles the other as the Daughter-in-Law. Graceful figures are in scripted on the wall of the temple and there are pillars that are also display architectural skills.


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