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  • Entrance Fee:
    Indians: Rs. 75
    Others: US $ 5 or INR 250
  • Opening Hour:
    8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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  • LocationGwalior, MP

  • Opening Hours 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

  • Entrance Fee Indians: Rs. 75
    Others: US $ 5 or INR 250

  • Camera Fee None

Gwalior Fort

Gwalior Fort, Madhya Pradesh, is a historical gem that is located on a hilltop in the city. It is one of the oldest forts in Madhya Pradesh as well as in the country. Gwalior Fort offers a captivating view of the entire city and is considered the finest example of cultural values and past glory. The fort has been ruled by several dynasties of different kingdoms over the years; therefore, the fort's design has been subjected to multiple changes. Gwalior Fort in Madhya Pradesh has a defensive structure that comprises two main palaces, along with temples, and water tanks. With incredible architecture, a rich past, and exciting legends, Gwalior Fort has a special place in the heart of India. The fort is considered one of the 'Impenetrable Forts" in India. And this grand structure always finds its place at the top of the list of must-visit attractions in Gwalior.

History of Gwalior Fort

According to the local legends, the fort was built in 3rd CE by a local king-Suraj Sen Pal. By going with this legend, the name of this fort was coined in honor of Gwalipa, the sage who helped cure the King's Leprosy affliction. When we flip more pages of Gwalior's history, we will come to know that this historic fort was not just ruled by the family of Suraj Sen but witnessed many ups and down with changing hands. During the 16th century, the Pal family lost guardianship of this fort. It was acquired by the Mughals and later by the Marathas.

And as we move forward in time, we will come to know that after independence, the Central Government took possession of Gwalior Fort and still take care of it. Today, it has become one of the famous tourist places in Gwalior and is open to all. Visitors in large numbers explore this fort and admire the grandeur of medieval artifacts and impressive architectural designs.

Architecture of Gwalior Fort

Gwalior Fort of Madhya Pradesh is spread over an area of 3 square kilometers with a height of 10 m. This iconic fort is built mainly with sandstone and lime mortar. Moreover, the fort is surrounded by sandstone walls that were made to protect the fort from attacks. You can see the finest blend of Dravidian style and South Indian architecture with North Indian decorative motifs. The architectural skills still reflect in its various temples, six palaces, and several water tanks.

Entry Fees at Gwalior Fort

  • For Indians: INR. 75/- Per Person
  • For foreign: INR. 250/- Per Person
  • For Children: Below 15 year's free entry

The Sound and Light Show at Gwalior Fort

The Sound and Light Show forms an integral part of the visit to the Gwalior Fort. The show is held at the open Amphitheatre at the Man Mandir Palace in the evenings. The Sound and Light Show is held on every night.

The Sound and Light Show Timings

  • Hindi Show: 7:30 pm
  • English Show: 8:30 pm

Best Time to Visit Gwalior Fort

October to March is considered the best time to visit Gwalior Fort because the weather is perfect for sightseeing. However, if you are fond of natural beauty along with history, you can visit Gwalior in the monsoon season, as you can enjoy the lush greenery and cool air in the refreshing atmosphere.

How To Reach Gwalior Fort 

Hiring a rickshaw or renting a cab seems an excellent way to reach Gwalior Fort. You can take such transport service from any corner of the city that can take you up to the entrance of this fort. Some entrance gates do not allow your vehicle to enter the fort, whereas Urvai Gate allows vehicles to open to the fort's western side. In addition, Gwalior has good connectivity with the rest of the country by airways, railways, and roadways.

Tips for Visiting Gwalior Fort

  • Do follow all the guidelines given by the fort department.
  • Do not litter around the fort and contribute to maintaining its cleanliness.
  • Make sure to attend the outstanding light and sound show in Gwalior Fort.
  • Wear comfortable footwear, as you will have to walk more to cover the attractions of this fort.


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