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Achyutaraya Temple Hampi

Built in the year 1534 AD, the mesmerizing Achyutaraya temple is an ideal example of Vijaynagara architecture style at its very best. One of the top attractions in Hampi, the temple is situated between the Gandhamadana and Matanga hills in the Hampi region of Karnataka. Dedicated to Lord Thiruvengalanatha or Venkateshwara, this glorious temple at Hampi was built by Vijaynagara ruler Achyuta Deva Raya. Owing to the architectural finesse, this temple is one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Hampi.

The Achyutaraya temple has two Gopura marked enclosures. Once inside the complex, one is likely to find the main temple within the second enclosure. A shrine of Garuda, which is a celestial bird and also known as carrier of Lord Vishnu, is kept just opposite to the temple. Other than the Garuda statue, the complex also houses one more shrine which is at the southwest of the temple.

It is believed that the construction of Achyutaraya temple complex involved setting up of a Kalyan Mandapa. Being associated with the annual marriage ceremony of the deity, the construction of Kalyan Mandapa was a common practice and can be seen in various other temple complexes of that time. The Kalyan Mandapa in the Achyutaraya temple has been aesthetically carved.

On the outside, there is a wide courtesan street, just in front of the temple. This street was once a flourishing center of trade in the Vijaynagara kingdom. While strolling along the lawns of the temple, one can even come across a water channel which is now dry, running along the second compound.


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