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Balakrishna Temple Hampi

Built in the 15th century by ruler Krishnadevaraya, the Balakrishna temple in Hampi is a prominent historical site and one of the top tourist places in Hampi. Balakrishna temple building in Hampi took place as a result of the success of the ruler’s Orissa campaign.

If historians are to be believed, in the battle against Prataparudra Gajapati, Krishnadevaraya seized the image of child Krishna and brought it to his kingdom Vijaynagara . In order to consecrate the image, he built the Balakrishna temple at Hampi.  At the present time, the idol of the infant Krishna is held to display in the state museum of Chennai. 

The building of the temple had been arranged in Panchayatana style with two enclosures. Depictions of the Bhagavata Gita can be spotted on the temple walls. Once inside, tourists can have a view of the beautifully sculpted Apsaras showing incarnations of Lord Krishna.

The temple hall had been given a shape of a long structure with its right side flaunting a barren area which was used for banana plantations in the past. On the other hand, the left area of the temple hall is mostly a rocky landscape.

While walking along these long structures, one would surely reach the temple pond, named as Kalyani which is now not in use. Islamic style of architecture can be seen near the west gate of the temple campus. This spot of the temple includes a narrow passage which leads to a large rectangular building.


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