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Stone Doors Hampi

Every stone tells a story in Hampi, so goes a popular saying. It is believed that it was here amidst the now standing ruins of Hampi and its stone structures, Dravidian architecture reached its Zenith along with the Vijayanagara Empire. One such structure which stands testimony to the golden reign of Vijayanagara Empire is the Stone Doors.

Stone doors are located in the northwest direction of Royal Enclosure and supposedly formed the entrance of the Royal Enclosure area of the Queen’s Bath. As per the popular beliefs, stone doors were used in the entranceway of a regal building.

These grey ruins are a replica of carved wooden doors, but are made of stones. It has been decorated by carving in protruding lotus buds in the junctions. These doors have bots and pivot shafts at the end and it is believed that elephants were required to open these massive and heavy doors.


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