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Sule Bazaar Hampi

One of the most popular attractions of Hampi, Sule Bazaar is a place that holds the real glory and beauty of the place. Sule Bazaar is well known as one of the principal centres of commerce of ancient Hampi. This famous bazaar is located in between the Hampi Bazaar and the Vittala Temple. There is the very popular Achyutaraya Temple at the southern end of this market.

Sule bazaar was once considered the liveliest of all the temple streets in Hampi. Today, it is a famous tourist attraction which is visited by a number of tourists. There are a number of finely carved pillars all around the street. Long back, the pillars were a part of the pavilions which were there on either side of the street. At the time of the empire, the market was well known for its gems, pearls and ivory.


Originally known as the Courtesan Street, Sule Bazaar is one of the four markets which existed in Hampi during the time of the Vijayanagara Empire. Earlier, the market place remained occupied by dancing girls. At that time, the street was also known as the ‘dancing-girls’ street of Hampi. Post that, different names were given to the street including Soolai Bazaar and Sule Bazaar. Much more about the market has been found in ancient literatures and documents.


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