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Angling & Fishing in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a prime destination for Angling and Fishing in north India. Currently, Mahseer and Trout are the most sought out fishes for recreational sports in Himachal Pradesh. Other varieties include Nemacheilus sp, Barilius sp, Schizothoracids Crossocheilus sp, Glyptothorax spp. Etc.

The water of rivers is so clear that one can easily see the river bed. Sparkling waters fresh from glaciers, clear sky, and fishes moving with the flow of water, it is a perfect fishing experience. However, before grabbing fishing gear, take proper permission from the authorities. According to the State Government authorities, a special fishing license is issued for trout fishing. Angling rules are liberal and the fee is nominal. Manali is the most popular place for angling and fishing in Himachal Pradesh. In addition, you can indulge in numerous other outdoor activities with our Himachal Pradesh tour packages. These are customizable tours with which you can explore the state's breathtaking beauty and partake in thrilling activities. Contact our travel experts for more information and book a tour with us!

Name of River Stretch Stream length in (kms.)
Beas Katrain to Manali 18
Tirthan Largi to Nagni 20
Sainj Largi to Nagni 22
Lambadug Barot to Lohardi 6
Uhl Barot to Kothikhad 10
Ravi Holi to Main bridge 5
Beas Seri mulag- Confluence of Binwa to Beas 5
Beas Harsipattan- Confluence of Kunha tributary of Beas 10
Beas Chambapattan 5
Beas Kuran 5
Beas Dehra Gopipur 10
Beas Baner 5


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