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Heli-Skiing in Himachal Pradesh

Heli-Skiing in Himachal Pradesh is one of the popular activities among adventure enthusiasts in the winter season. Himalayas' snow-capped peaks offer one of the greatest views and are perfect for indulging in adventure sports. The hillscapes of Himachal are an ideal destination for heli-skiing in winter. Heli skiers from all over the world visit the state for the thrill of the excellent adventure sport.

Heli skiing in himachal pradesh takes the skier to great snow-covered heights of mountains. At these breathtaking locales, you will be dropped from the helicopter on the snowy slopes of the hills. Ski down the slope and crisscrossing through the white snow is a unique experience. The feeling of the cold wind lashing against your face and body at high speed is a memory to be cherished forever. You can indulge in heli-skiing with our Himachal tour packages. These customizable holiday packages allow tourists to explore popular attractions of the state. You can contact our travel experts and book a tour with us to embark on a memorable vacation with your loved ones!

Places for Helli Skiing Best time to visit Height
Rohtang Pass November to February 13,050 ft
Chandrakhani pass November to February 12008 ft
Mount Hanuman Tibba November to February 19226 ft
Mount Deo Tibba December to February 20340 ft


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