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Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

Trekking in Himachal Pradesh is one of the best and most widely popular adventure activities and what better place to enjoy it than amid the exuberantly picturesque surroundings of this amazing state. Several treks run their course through amazingly incredible locations and each has its own charm, appeal, and excitement.

Since trekking is essentially an adventurous activity, the treks in Himachal Pradesh are no different and offer a considerable challenge. However, no matter how diverse or demanding the terrains may be, physically or mentally, the views you find through your journey are delightful.

Although the treks in Himachal Pradesh can be undertaken in any season, the best time to carry out most of these exciting expeditions is from June to September. This is when one can see the routes in all their verdant flourish with flowers and vegetation in full bloom. The trekking trails in Himachal Pradesh suit amateurs and expert hikers. Below mentioned are some of the best treks you can undertake on this exotic site. You can embark on this adventurous activity with our Himachal trekking tour, which is customizable. You can contact our travel experts and make your trip memorable.

 Famous Trek Base Camp  Best Time to Go Altitude  Trekking Age Difficulty Duration
Hampta Pass Trek Jobra June-September 14065 ft 12 Moderate 6 days
Beas Kund Solang Valley July - September 12,772 ft 8 Easy-Moderate 4 days
Triund Trek Dharamkot July-Aug and Jan-Feb 9,350 ft 8 Easy 2 days
Pin Bhaba Pass  Kafnu July-Mid Sep 16,105 ft 15 Difficult 9 days
Chandranahan Lake Trek Janglik village Oct-Nov 13,900 ft 8 Moderate 6 days
Malana Village Trek Chandrakhani Pass May to August 10,000 ft 12 Moderate 6 days
Sainj Valley trek Shangarh, Mandi Mar-April 7040 ft 8 Easy-Moderate 2 days
Buran Ghati trek Janglik May-June, Sep-Oct 5,000 ft 12 Moderate-Difficult 8 days
kanamo Peak Trek Kaza June - Sep 14,009 ft 8 Moderate 4 days
Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek Baara Hazar June - Sep & Sep-Oct 19,553 ft 15 Difficult 9 days
Rupin Pass Trek Dhaula May-June, Sep-Oct 15,279 ft 12 Moderate-Difficult 9 days
Chamba Trek Talai, Dalhousie May-Nov 3,270 ft 10 Easy-Moderate 3 days
 Kareri Lake Trek Kareri village, Dharamsala May to July and Sep - Nov 9600 ft 8 Moderate 3 days


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