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Dharamsala Hill Station

Holidays in Dharamshala are a visual treat for those seeking pleasure in nature's bounty. This region of Himachal is comfortably cushioned amidst the western Himalayas lies a serene and has become a popular summer destination. There are many hill stations in Dharamshala that gives you a dose of thrill, scenic views, and natural beauty. Apart from it, the deodar and pine forests, crystal clear streams, and snow-peaked mountain range will entice you completely. If you love adventure and outdoor activities, do not waste time indulging in trekking or casually boating in Dal Lake. A casual stroll in the woods is sure romantic as well as exciting. The hill station is also a much-favored hub for those seeking spiritual solace. There are Buddhist monasteries, churches, and temples atop hills or winding streets.

Places to see in Dharamshala

Your summer holidays in Dharamshala would be spent touring around the ancient temples and natural landscapes. Places that would interest you are:-

Dal Lake

Dal Lake is situated at a distance of 3km from upper Dharamshala and 11kms away from lower Dharamshala. This mesmerizing lake lies adjacent to a Tibetan children's village, a famous trekking destination. It is an oval-shaped man-made lake, enveloped by fir trees, having a charm of its own. The best way to enjoy your time here is by taking a silent walk around the Lake. If it's your honeymoon vacation, there is nothing like a romantic walk-in and around the place. In September, the lake attains a beauty that remains unparalleled at other times of the year.

Chamunda Devi

Chamunda Devi temple is situated at a distance of 15 km from the main town area in Dharamshala. The temple is attributed to the divine Goddess Durga, called "Chamunda," in one of her manifestations.

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