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Lakes in Himachal Pradesh

As every visitor finds out when in the laps of Himachal Pradesh, that it is among the most strikingly beautiful and unspoilt regions of the Himalayas. The mountainsides are honey combed with caves and studded with lakes. And as if to emphasize the tremendous natural contrasts that are the hallmark of Himachal Pradesh, along with the freezing water of the Alpine lakes, there are numerous hot springs where temperatures can touch 50 degree C. Some of these lakes dates back to million of years when the earth was still young and geographical forces of nature rampant. Some of these lakes are held sacred and still others are looked upon with dumbstruck gaze for its sheer majesty and coloration. Lakes in Himachal Pradesh is a fascinating study in colors, proportion, and geographical locations.

Many of the Lakes in Himachal Pradesh is situated at high altitudes, embedded in rugged and steep mountain terrain. These expanses of water are usually small, and are icebound in winter. 

So allowed is the lake in the local Himachali imagination that it is believed that even birds protect its sanctity by carrying away any leaf or twig that drifts on to the lake so its waters are not marred by a speck. Another local tradition holds that the lake's deity can grant the wish for a son and everyday hundreds of little lamps are floated on the surface of these lakes. 

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