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Chandratal Lake Spiti

The small lakes nestled within the valley enhance the beauty of Lahaul and Spiti region. The Chandra Taal is located at an elevation of 4,300 meters above sea level and has the Himalayas as the backdrop. This crescent shape lake is also known as the Lake of the Moon and is a popular tourist destination in Lahaul & Spiti. It is an important stop over for trekkers and campers who travel to the valley from the Kumzum Pass. The best time to visit this lake is from May to October. Tourists and trekkers mostly travel from Batal on foot to reach this beautiful lake.

The right banks of this lake have vast meadows and are prominent sites for camping. With the onset of summer, brightly colored flowers bloom here offering a stunning sight. This tranquil lakeside allows the single travelers to read a book and couples to laze around as well.

Places to visit around Chandra Taal

Since there are no vibrant human settlements in the region, only scenic locales and base camps appeal visitors here:

Samudra Tapu Plateau - The region where the Chandra Taal is located is popular as the Samudra Tapu Plateau.

Chandra River - It is one of the rivers that flows through Lahaul and Spiti and forms the Chenab River in the long course. The Chandra Taal is considered to have formed at the source of Chandra River before merging with river Bhaga. The area around Chandra River is a cold desert and receives little rainfall throughout the year. As there are no villages on its banks, the place is tranquil and ideal for relaxing and angling.

Excursion from Chandra Taal

Batal - Batal lies at a distance of 14 km from Chandra Taal. It is the main trekking route to the scenic lake. A desolate place, Batal is accessible via the Kumzum La and has an altitude of 3,960 meters above sea level. It is from this village that you can have clear views of the Bara Shigri Glacier. Bhuntar is the nearest airport and by road Chhota Dara is around 17km drive.

Suraj Taal - The Lake of the Sun God, Suraj Taal is a sacred water body, the third highest in the country. This lake merges with the Chandra River in downstream and forms the Chandrabhaga River. It is around 64 km from Keylong and 30 km from Chandra Taal in Lahaul and Spiti Valley. The main source of water here are the melting glaciers.