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Dashir Lake

Lake formation consists of an integral part of the Himachal landscape. Some are millions of years old formed due to the Tectonic movements, others are relatively new. These perennial lakes are also different in character. If one lake is frozen throughout the year, others still are hot geysers where temperature reaches to 50 degree centigrade. Dashir Lake situated at a high altitude, is one of the most beautiful lakes that can be found in the Himachali region. Located near Rohtang pass (which connects Kulu district with Lahaul) this lake is a veritable treasure trove for nature lover. Crystal clear cobalt water makes you see right through the lake. The scenery at the backdrop is equally majestic. Rugged mountain cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and small Himachali settlement nestled amidst the valleys provides a stark contrast with the din and bustle of Manali.

Dashir Lake is held as pious by the locals and the water of the lake is believed to be curative in nature. The depth of the lake is three to four meters. Check out the pile of rocks lying with geometrical precision at the foot of the Dashir Lake. Be careful not to spoil the arrangement or carry off one of these rocks as it is deemed ominous by the locals.

Dashir Lake can be reached by the Manali highway. Hire a cab from Manali and move towards Rotang Pass. The lake is but a few minutes drive from Rotang.