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Manimahesh Lake Himachal Pradesh

Located in Chamba, Manimahesh Lake lies 4800 meters above sea level. It is, therefore, a high-altitude Lake in Himachal Pradesh. Chamba is famous for the Minjar Fair held in August and is a renowned pilgrim spot because of the presence of numerous temples and places of worship. Few Lakes in India are situated at such high altitudes as Manimahesh Lake, and it is integrally linked to Indian Mythology. With our Chamba tour packages, you can embark on the holy sojourn of Manimahesh kake mahoun himachal pradesh. Contact our travel experts for more information and book a tour with us!

Mythological Association of Manimahesh Lake Himachal Pradesh:

It is believed that Lord Shiva, one of the three Lords in the Hindu Trinity (known as Lord Brahma the creator, Lord Vishnu the Preserver, and Lord Siva the destroyer), stays at Manimahesh Kailash.

Followers of Lord Shiva visit Manimahesh Kailash during Shivaratri and other festivals related to Lord Shiva to obtain the blessings of their beloved Lord. They firmly believe that a dip into the Lake would bring peace and wash all their past sins.

Fun in Manimahesh Lake at Himachal Pradesh:

Every year Manimahesh Yatra is held near Manimahesh Lake, where people from across the country join hands to celebrate the festival. Manimahesh Festival is held immediately after Janmashthami, in which Hindus celebrate the birth of their beloved Lord Krishna, a legendary hero who killed Kansa in the epic Mahabharata.

How to Reach Manimahesh Lake:

Since Manimahesh Lake is located in Chamba, one can reach here from Shimla, Kangra or Kulu where domestic flights from Delhi are available. In addition, rail routes connect this place to various regions in India.


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