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Prashar Lake Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

For a die-hard nature lover, giving a miss to the natural majesty of Himachal Pradesh is an uphill task. All through the year, countless tourists come here to get pleasure from the scenic locales. Travelers coming to Himachal Pradesh always have an interesting experience to boast. The magnificent forts, shrines, monasteries-all beckon you to have a look at the rich historical and cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh. It would be hard to ignore the exquisite valleys, mountains, wildlife destinations, springs and lakes as well. The captivating Himachal Pradesh Lakes form a much valued target for tourists coming here. Out of the several Himachal Lakes, Prashar Lake is one of the favorite amongst the tourists.

Prashar Lake is placed at a height of 2730 m in the district of Mandi, 40 kms. from the town of Mandi. The deep blue colored water of this stunning lake is held blessed by sage Prashar. It is believed that sage Prashar meditated at this place. Beside the Prashar Lake, there is a temple built in the Pagoda style. It has three tiers which look very beautiful. From the edge of Himachal Pradesh Prashar Lake, you can see a slice of the distant snow capped peaks. The water of Sutlej river flowing towards south is also visible. On some special occasions, the neighborhood of this lake doubles as the site for certain festivals too.

So, keep aside some time from your busy schedule. Book yourself for a Himachal Pradesh Tour and look forward to having a great time at this picturesque place. Don't miss to visit Prashar Lake Hiamchal Pradesh though. You would love the experience to no ends!  


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