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Rewalsar Lake Mandi

The attractive lakes of Himachal Pradesh stand out as a favorite destination for tourists. Out of the many lakes in Himachal Pradesh, one quite famous is the Rewalsar Lake. Rewalsar Lake is positioned at an elevation of 1360 m in the district of Mandi. It is 24 km from the town of Mandi.

Rewalsar Lake is square in shape, having a shoreline measuring 735 m. This lake has dense vegetation in its surroundings. This lake has got certain legends attached to it. According to one legend, this lake was founded when king Arshadhara of Zahor punished saint Padmasambhava and his daughter. The saint was said to be burnt alive in an isolated place. A smoke cover surrounded the place for about a week.

Being surprised by this unusual event, the king came to the place himself. He was taken aback to find a lake at the location. Realizing his mistake, the king apologized to saint Padmasambhava and married his daughter to him. Since then, Rewalsar Lake has become a religious place for Buddhists. The Hindus too, hold this lake sacred based on their own beliefs.

According to another legend, it is believed that Mahayana Buddhism became a steady force in Tibet at Rewalsar due to the enormous power of Padmasambhava, often called by the name of Guru Rimpoche. People believe that Padmasambhava's spirit exists in the small land mass of floating reed over the water of Rewalsar Lake.

Apart from visiting Rewalsar Lake, you may also drop in to see three Buddhist monasteries housed at Rewalsar and three Hindu temples devoted to Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, and the sage Lomas. A small zoo maintained close to the lake is also worth a visit.

So, book yourself for a Himachal Pradesh Tour and drop by Rewalsar Lake. You would surely love the scenic beauty of the place and won't regret your decision to come here. Explore this scenic destination and soak in the serene vibes of the tranquil aura of Rewalsar Lake, you can book Himachal tour packages with us. Contact our travel experts for more information and book a tour with us!


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