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Chattari Temple Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

The land of at least 2,000 century-old temples, Himachal Pradesh is one of the major Hindu pilgrimage places in the country. Temples here are popular among Indian and international tourists for their architectural grandeur, fascinating legends and surrounding beauty. Wooden temples are integral to the culture of Himachal Pradesh. They are largely seen in the Chamba district, Mandi and Kullu.

Bharmour was once the capital of Chamba district and is situated in the south eastern part. Villages in Bharmour have a number of ancient temples. The Chattari Temples here have wooden structures and few of the noted ones date back to the 8th century. They are splendid examples of early temples crafted of wood with the principal deity in the sanctum.

About Chattari Temple

It is an 8th century temple crafted of wood housing the brass idol of Shakti, a manifestation of Goddess Durga. Popular as the Shakti Devi Temple, the built is simple. The architecture is that of alternative beams of wood in the ceiling, sloping roof and wooden posts. The most intriguing part is the art that reflects the post Gupta period. The outer wall has frescoes of the Puranas, the Hindu sacred text. The brass statue or idol measuring 4 feet in height is the main attraction. There are 30 other small figures of deities, one of them being Goddess Annapurna.


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