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Mangala Devi Temple in Idukki

Mangala Devi Temple is one of the most revered temples in Thekkady. The 1000-year old temple lies in the dense green environs on the borders of the Periyar National Park. Located on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in the blessed environs of the Western Ghats, the temple offers scenic views of the verdant Periyar forest from its height of 1337 meters above sea level.

Much is not known about the history of the temple, though from its style of architecture it is dated back to the rule of the Pandya King. The ancient temple is constructed of huge stones and granite with intricate carvings of scriptures on the stone walls. The presiding deity of the temple is Mangaladevi, also known as Kannaki. The revered Goddess has been a symbol of the moral powers possessed by women, enabling them to accomplish whatever they want as long as their cause is just. The grandeur of the temple has been ravaged by time, but its glory still shines through.

Best time to visit Mangala Devi Temple in Idukki

The temple is open to devotees only once a year during April/May for the Chithra Pournami celebrations. On the full moon day, Tamil Nadu and Kerala priests conduct ceremonial prayers at the temple. Prior permission from the Periyar forest department is needed to make the trek to the temple.

Visit Timings: 2-3 Hours

Ambience of Mangala Devi Temple in Idukki

The temple can only be accessed by jeep and is located on the Periyar Tiger Reserve's northern border. To get to the temple, a 12-kilometer length must be through thick woodlands and high altitude grasslands. The temple's environs are renowned for their pure beauty. There is a broad range of vegetation and fauna in the region, including the critically endangered Nilgiri Tahr (Hemitragus hylocrius). The tahr is the emblematic animal of Tamil Nadu. Another reason for the location's fame is Habenaria periyarensis, an endemic species of orchid, is another reason for the location's fame.

The temple, which is located on a hillside near the boundary between Tamil Nadu and Kerala, provides a panoramic view of the Western Ghats and Tamil Nadu's little hill villages. The view of something far away

Restrictions of Mangala Devi Temple in Idukki

The Forest Department has implemented a number of steps, such as a vigilant watch on the road leading to the temple, to protect the area's ecosystem. Ask the Wildlife Warden in Thekkady for permission in advance if you want to visit this location.

Festivals of Mangala Devi Temple in Idukki

Poojas are held throughout the day for the principal deity, Goddess Managala, who is decked out with flowers, silk, and other materials. During the event, female devotees' glass bangles and thalis (the necklace worn by married Hindu women) are blessed. On this fortunate day, the women prepare and present pongala, a delicious rice dish, to the Goddess.

Theni district in Tamil Nadu and Idukki district in Kerala officials are in charge of overseeing the festival's preparations. The negotiations prior to the festival include participation from forest officials. Numerous precautions are taken to make sure that the ecosystem is not harmed by the current influx of worshippers to the temple.

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