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Kangla Fort in Manipur

One of India's most famous historical and archaeological sites, Kangla Fort, lies in the heart of the capital city of Manipur, Imphal. The fort's architecture reflects a unique blend of Sikkim and Manipuri styles. However, the stories associated with it depict the culture and tradition of Sikkim. This fort also symbolized Manipur glory and was improvised by numerous successive kings of this region.

Moreover, the connection of the mythical God-king of the Meetei dynasty makes it the more appealing structure of this state. Therefore, besides its historical value, Kangla Fort has a religious significance. The fort features, such as its intricate carvings and the use of local materials, make it an ideal choice for architecture enthusiasts. Kangla Fort, Manipur, has to be one of Imphal, Manipur's most visited tourist attractions and the entire Northeast region.

Kangla Fort History

Constructed in 33 AD by King Pakhangba, the Kangla Fort served as the seat of Manipuri rulers. The fort has witnessed centuries of domination and cultural evolution that shows the strength of this ancient citadel. Its walls echo tales of heritage, from royal courts to colonial incursions. Today, it is one of the most important historical sites, a living testament to Manipur's legacy, inviting travelers to uncover its rich history and architectural splendor.

Attractions in Kangla Fort

The fort is home to sacred shrines and archaeological marvels, making it one of the best places to visit in Imphal for history enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike. So, if you are a history buff, Kangla Fort is one of the best tourist places in Imphal you should visit. Below is the list of the attractions that you can find within the premises of Kangla Fort.

  • Nungjeng Pukhri Achouba - It is the largest pond in Kangla and is believed to be the home of Lord Pakhangpa. The holy water from this pond is used in diverse cultural ceremonies such as Apokpa Khurumba (ancestor worship), Pakhanba Chenghongba, and Khayom Lakpa.
  • Citadel - A 15th-century fort-like structure inside the Kangla Fort, it served as the last defensive wall. It protects the royal palace and other important buildings and sites.
  • Shri Govindaji Temple - King Nara Singh built this Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. It attracts tourists with its serene ambiance, architecture, cultural and spiritual significance.
  • Kangla Museum - The museum showcases artifacts revealing the region's history and the fort's significance. Here, you will find numerous military items and religious relics that give you insight into cultural importance and past.
  • The Inner and Outer Moats - These are remnants of the fort's defensive structures.Statue of Maharaja Nara Singh: Commemorating one of the prominent rulers of Manipur.

Kangla Fort Timings

Kangla Fort is open to visitors from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and you should visit in the early morning to avoid the crowd and easily admire its historical glory.

Kangla Fort Entry Fee

  • Indian Nationals: INR 20 per person
  • Foreign Nationals: INR 100 per person
  • Children (below 12 years): No fee

Best Time to Visit Kangla Fort

October and April is the time when you see the maximum buzz in Imphal because of the clear and pleasant climate. So, that's the perfect time to visit Kangla Fort along with other popular nearby attractions that you can visit in Imphal. Also, summers (from April to May) are not that hot in Imphal, so you can also visit there during this time. The monsoon time period (June to September) is seen with heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, so it's generally it is only recommended to those who want to witness the Rain shower of Northeast Region.

How to Reach Kangla Fort

The famous attraction of Imphal, Kangla Fort, can easily be reached by all three modes of transport: air, rail, and road.

  • By Air: The nearest airport from Kangla is Imphal International Airport, formerly known as the Tulihal International Airport and currently officially renamed as the Bir Tikendrajit International Airport. (7.4 km)
  • By Train: The nearest railway station is Dimapur, from which you can take a taxi, bus, or cab to Kangla Fort.
  • By Road: NH-37 (Imphal-Jiribam highway), NH-2 (Imphal-Dimapur highway), and NH-102 (Imphal-Moreh highway) connect to Kangla.


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FAQs about Kangla Fort Imphal

Q: Where is Kangla Fort Situated in Imphal?

Ans: Kangla Fort is located on the dried-up western bank of the Imphal River, which makes it a central and easily accessible landmark.

Q: Who Built Kangla Fort in Imphal, Manipur?

Ans: Kangla Fort, a unique fortified palace at Imphal, has a captivating history dating back to AD 33 when King Pakhangba first constructed it. Over the years, successive rulers of the Kingdom of Manipur have enhanced and enlarged it, adding to its historical significance.

Q: What are some other tourist places to visit near Kangla Fort?

Ans: In close proximity to Kangla Fort, you'll find Ima Keithel (Mother's Market), a bustling market run entirely by women, the Manipur State Museum, a treasure trove of the state's history, the RKCS Art Gallery, a hub of local art, and the Khonghampat Orchidarium, a paradise for nature lovers.

Q: How can I reach Kangla Fort in Imphal, and what transportation options are available?

Ans: Kangla Fort is conveniently accessible by taxi or auto-rickshaw from Imphal International Airport (8 km away). Alternatively, you can use local buses or hire a bicycle to explore the city and reach the fort.