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Leimaram Waterfall in Imphal

Cascading from an elevation of approximately 300 meters, Leimaram Waterfall in Imphal is a picturesque tourist attraction in Manipur. It is widely popular as Sadu Chiru Waterfalls and is located around 25 km from the city. It is a scenic attraction for ardent nature admirers, peace lovers, and photography enthusiasts. Being one of the famous waterfalls in Imphal, the waterfall is always at the top when it comes to enjoying the sightseeing in the city.

In addition, the fog emerging from the water that envelops the surroundings enhances the beauty unlike any other. The waterfall offers enthralling sights to its visitors and is blessed with unparalleled beauty. Sadu Chiru Waterfalls is located in the valley and is surrounded by profusely green and alluring views, making it a delight to witness. You can walk through the forest and visit affluent crop fields and small streams, adding to your overall experience. You will have to climb up some stone-laden steps to get to the waterfall. However, once you reach the waterfall, the mesmerizing beauty of the place makes all your efforts worth it.

How to Reach Leimaram Waterfall

This captivating waterfall is located in the Senapati district, around 25 km from Imphal. To reach Leimaram Waterfall Manipur, you will have to cover this distance by taking public or private transport services (by bus, car, or taxi). After getting to the base point, you will have to go through the some forest area uphill to reach the waterfall. On your trek, you will come across small ponds, lush greenery, and serenity that will win your heart.

Best Time to Visit Leimaram Waterfall

October to March are considered the best months to plan your visit to Leimaram Waterfall. During this time, the entire Imphal experiences the winter season, and the waterfall becomes even more beautiful. The pleasant temperature and views of the surrounding hills will let you enjoy Imphal tourism at its best. Apart from it, you can also plan your visit to the waterfall during the summer season. The season is also good to enjoy sightseeing in the Senapati district of Manipur.


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