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Tourist Attractions in Indore

Progress is the other name for the city of Indore. It is described as the financial and the Technological Capital of Madhya Pradesh. Several industries have been set up at Indore, so it is an Industrial Town as well. The main Tourist attractions at Indoreare the temples, monuments and also the magnificent palaces.

The historical temples Indreshwar and Indrapur have contributed to the naming of the city of Indore. The city had been the previous resident of the Holkar Kings, founded by Malhar Rao Holakar. He was actually installed as the Governor at Malwa. After him, his daughter-in-law ascended the throne. Ahalyabai was her name, and she was an ardent Hindu so erected numerous temples all across the country.

In 1818, the empire was actually grabbed by the British after the Anglo Maratha war. So, the entire Maratha kingdom became a part of the British Raj. The Treaty of Mandsaur was signed between the British and the Marathas. In this treaty the Marathas were bound to hand over Cantonment town to the British. As a result it was mandatory for the Marathas to shift their capital from Maheshwar to Indore.

Indore is declared as the summer capital of the present state of Madhya Pradesh. The temperature of Indore may be as low as 2-3 degree during winters and at night the temperature generally is 10 degrees. But, summer temperature is almost 45 degrees. Indore is hot during the day and cool at night. It is the largest city in Madhya Pradesh.

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