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Bada Ganpati Indore

Bada Ganapati Temple is located at Indore, the former Holkar Dynasty ruled over the city for a long time. It had been the most prestigious and worthwhile visiting places of India, since the temple of Sri Ganesh is located there. Ganesh is considered as a God who is benevolent and most exquisite looking with the tusk of an elephant. In South India he is one of the most worshipped Gods.

Specially, Lord Ganesh is being revered in each and every house so that the blessings of the Lord help the members to find the path to success and they may also progress in this world without obstacles.

Lord Ganesh is a kind hearted God but according to mythology he loves to eat. So, during the Ganesh Chaturthi, the lord is given numerous sweets and other preparations so that mankind may be blessed by him wholeheartedly.

Ganesh Chaturthi is a special kind of Indian Festival when Lord Ganapati Bappa is worshipped with elegance and tremendous wealth is displayed because the poor and the destitute are given clothes and food at that time.

The Bada Ganapati is a worthwhile site at Indore. It consists of a huge statue of Lord Ganesh, perhaps the largest in the world, which is approximately 25 feet tall and the color of the statue is Bright Orange.

History of Bada Ganapati:

It was built in the year 1875. According to the mythology, one of the residents of the city of Avantika or Ujjain dreamt of Lord Ganesh in his sleep. So, he rose up on the next day and prepared for the enormous statue of Lord Ganesha, so that the Lord blesses him. Bada in Hindi means large, so the temple is known as Bada Ganapati Temple, since it encloses the large statue of Lord Ganapati Bappa.

How to Reach Bada Ganapati in Indore:

You can reach Indore by train or plane. After that get hold of the bus or car that ply in the city and they would enable you to reach the Bada Ganapati, Indore.


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