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Monuments and Museums in Indore

Indore in Western Madhya Pradesh is one of the most important commercial hubs of the state. Financial and corporate firms abound in the city. It is also an important thriving trade center. The history of the city bears a chronological record of gory battles amongst Maratha clans, a saga of successions and acquisitions and the role of the East India Company. The places in and around Indore are replete with Tourist Attractions in Indore. The Holkars who use to rule this place were patrons of art and architecture. To this end you will find a number of Monuments and Museums in Indore that bears testimony to the rich cultural heritage of the Maratha clan.

These Monuments and Museums in Indore tells you of the great Maratha confederacy and their lifestyle. The Monuments or palaces are replete with miniature paintings, huge columns and arches, and age old furniture. A lot of foreign influences like Georgian and French went into the making of these huge mansions. For instance the Lal Bagh Palace, Indore, constructed in between 1886 to 1921 was an important place where political discussions took place. Built in 28 acres of land, the Palace is a rich amalgamation of foreign and Indian influence.

The impressive structure of the 7 storied Rajwada, Indore is well worth mentioning for its grandeur and historical importance. It is a perfect combination of French, Mughal and Maratha architecture that do not seem jarring but blend to create a masterpiece. Significantly enough this palace was up in flames for three times in its 200 year old history. Another place worth visiting is the Central Museum, Indore which showcases a lot of sculptures, inscriptions and coins and manuscripts of the Golden period of the Holkar Era . Monuments and Museums in Indore forms an indispensable part of the Tour to Indore.

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