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In the memory of the dead rulers of the Holkar Dynasty, tombs have been erected. These tombs are collectively known as the Chhatris. The Marathas have been very skilled in the field of architecture and so, they built numerous domes and structures to establish their literacy in this field, so that the chhatris display rare skill in the field of architecture.

History of the Chhatris:

In the ancient times, the Holkar Dynasty ruled over a large area of Madhya Pradesh. They were good rulers and gained tremendous support and prestige from the people and also had their support.

But the British established their supremacy in India, during the year 1858, when the East India Company transferred all its powers to the Queen, who became the formal queen of India too.

So, the Holkars, after being defeated by the British in a battle had to submit their kingdom to them, and so, a large part of their kingdom was lost. It was a fact that they also lost their capital.

In order to make up for the loss they have to select a profitable place. So, Indore became the name of that place. Indore derives its name from the two renowned temples namely Indreshwar and Indrapur.

The kings of the Holkar dynasty were very respectable and they made sure that their position in history is never degraded. So, the Chattris display dedication and care from the part of the builders and also from the part of the rulers.

Description of the Chhatris:

Originally the Chhatris or the Cenotaphs are the tombs that have been constructed in commemoration of the Holkar Kings. The tombs have been constructed by them at the banks of the River Khan, near Rajwada. There is also a place called Chhatri Baag. Here two compounds are there. In memory of Bolia Sahib, there is a splendid Chhatri that was constructed after his demise near this Chhatri Baag.

How to Reach Chhatris in Indore:

You can take bus or car which would take you to the Chhatris, after you came to Indore by Train or Plane. It is worthwhile mentioning that Indore has a domestic Airline.

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