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  • LocationM.G. Road, Chhatris, Indore, MP

  • Opening Hours 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Tue- Sun

  • Entrance Fee INR 10

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Rajwada Palace Indore

Famous as Holkar Palace, Rajwada Indore Madhya Pradesh, is an impressive historical site that the Holkars, Maratha rulers of Indore, constructed around two centuries ago. The palace is an impressive seven-storied structure and is located near the famous dome-shaped architectural place, Chhatris. The royal building of Indore reflects royal architectural tastes. A well-maintained garden in front of Rajawada Palace has a statue of Queen Ahilya Bai, an artificial waterfall, and fountains that enrich the beauty of this site. Besides being one of the famous tourist places, Rajwada Palace is one of the oldest structures. This rare monument has witnessed the glory of the Holkar Dynasty and cultural development. Hence, Rajwada Palace is an indelible mark of rich heritage on the history pages. 

History of Rajwada Palace Indore

The palace was constructed by Malhar Rao Holkar, the founder of the Holkar Dynasty, in 1747 A.D. The palace was his residence and remained so till 1880 A.D. This remarkable structure is placed in Khajuri Bazaar, right in the middle of the city. According to the pages of history, the palace has been burnt three times since its construction. This palace's three floors are made of stone, and the rest above are built with wood. Thus, it makes the palace vulnerable to destruction by fire. 

In 1801, the palace was set on fire first time by Sarjerao Ghadge of the Sindhiya Dynasty. And the construction took place from 1818 to 1826 on the five floors of the palace. Again in 1834, the second fire occurred, and the topmost floor was destroyed. Finally, a fire broke out in 1954, and it caused the maximum destruction to the structure and back side wholly destroyed. Even though the temple of Malhari Martand in the palace was also ruined by it. Recently, it has been renovated and successfully managed to bring the glory of this monument to some extent. Today, it has become one of the prime attractions for tourists and is also used for art exhibitions and classical music concerts.

Architecture of the Rajwada

The palace is a blend of Maratha, Mughal, and French styles of architecture. From the southern side, the structure looks like Mughal, while from the eastern side, it looks European. Rani Ahilya throne, Darbar Hall and Ganesha Hall are styled French-like. While the monuments are in wood and Gopura stone, the windows and balconies are decorated and are bordered by the arched entrance, bastions, and wooden doors studded with iron. The lower 3 floors are of stone and painted dark brown, and the upper floors are made of wood. Rajawada palace has faced damage thrice because of fire.

In 2006, H.H.Ushadevi Holkar, the present Maharani of Indore, decided to reconstruct the palace. The process was completed in a year, and the palace looks equally stunning. It is the country's first structure that was constructed again in the same style, method, and material. The windows are outlined and give an impression of several eyes looking right back at the street. The arched entrance is enormous, and the wooden doors have iron studs. As you enter, you are greeted by a huge courtyard encircled by gallery rooms and Ganesh hall, which became the venue of religious functions in the olden times.

There are a few balconies with Mughal adornments, corridors, and windows. Now, the place hosts classical music concerts and art exhibitions. Today's building is rectangular with cylindrical bastions on the four corners. The palace currently consists of the office of the Joint Director, Archeology, and a Souvenir Shop managed by the Archeology Department of the State.

Lights and Sound Show at Rajwada

The light and sound show at the monument is one of the most fascinating things to experience. The show takes place at Rajwada from Tuesday to Sunday in the evening, around 6:30 pm. This show is a treat for all the history lovers who want to uncover the mysteries of this heritage site. The beauty of darkness and the spectacular show enrich your travel experience to the next level. You must attend this show after exploring the forts to experience the charm of history at its best.

How To Reach Rajwada 

Rajwada Palace is a popular tourist hotspot in the city that attract tourist from different corners of the world. It is located on M.G Road in Chhatris in Indore and is accessible from any corner of the town. You can take a bus, a taxi, or a cab to reach Rajwada Palace. This monument is quickly accessible via the Mahatama Gandhi Road and the Imla Bazaar Road. However, a rickshaw is a better option to reach the fort if you are coming from nearby places. The possibilities are various to get this palace, but you will need to manage your time as you will require 1-2 hours to explore the site.


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