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Ita Fort in Itanagar

Ita Fort in Arunachal Pradesh is a famous historical location built between the 14th and 15th centuries. It is believed that the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar derived its name from this fort. Built in an irregular shape by the Jitari dynasty king Ramachandra, Ita fort is an ancient gem that reflects the grandeur of that time. It is said that around 80 lakhs bricks were used to construct this fort. These bricks are typical of the medieval and pre-Ahom periods.

Moreover, the fort is encircled by natural ridges and brick ramparts. Apart from it, there are two brick walls and three gates in Ita Fort, and its brick ramparts can be seen on the eastern and western sides. The architecture of Ita fort is so fascinating that it will blow your mind. For example, you can see more than a half-kilometer-long rampart with one gate on the easter side. In contrast, the western rampart is around 1.5 km in length and has two gates. Also, the fort's north and south sides have irregular steep ridges, which are more than 1 km in length.

Best Time to Visit Ita Fort

The climate condition of Itanagar is mostly pleasant throughout the year. However, during monsoons, the heavy rain may create troubles in sightseeing. As per the tourism report, the best time to visit Ita Fort is from October to April, as the weather is delightful. And, if you are ok with a little bit of hot and humid conditions, summer is manageable and a good season to visit here.

How to Reach Ita Fort

Ita Fort is one of the historical gems of Itanagar and is counted as the best tourist place to visit on your Arunachal Pradesh Tour. You can reach Ita fort by hiring a cab or taxi, and you need to walk a lot to explore the fort.

Traveling Tips for Ita Fort

  • You should wear comfortable footwear as you will have to walk around to explore the fort.
  • Plan your visit to Ita Fort early morning or the evening to get the best view of the surroundings.
  • Do not forget to carry your camera as this historical fort gives you many click-worthy sights.

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