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  • LocationJaipur, Rajasthan

  • Opening Hours 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

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Gaitore Chattris, Jaipur

Located on Amber Road of Jaipur, the Gaitore Chattris has a number of features which makes it a great site to visit. The marvelous carvings with a majestic pattern were built in the memory of the rulers of Jaipur are simply superb. Features like the royal cenotaphs are also a great sight for the tourists as it reveals the character of Rajput style of architecture. Thus, visit to the Gaitore Chattris is one of the best experiences one can get as it is a great learning experience for the tourists as well. Other features like the representation of colorful peacocks add a lot of beauty to the particular structure. Another important feature of the Gaitore Chattris is the individual chattri or cenotaph which is built in accordance to the taste of the person, to whom chattri or cenotaph the chattri had been dedicated.

Though there are many chattris in the Gaitore Chattris but some among them bears special significance. As a result, tourists visiting the Gaitore Chattris mostly visit the more renowned ones. As a matter of fact, the most important ones are the chattris of Sawai Madho Singh, Sawai Jai Singh and the Sawai Ram Singh. As each of the chattris are designed in accordance to the person which they signify, the chattris depicting the mentioned three rulers bear exquisite beauty with artistry of their creators.

These heritage chattris are a must visit for the tourists as they reveal the rich history of Rajasthan. They are a must visit in case you are traveling to Rajasthan, especially Jaipur, then a visit to the Gaitore Chattris is a must as you will not only be able to get a clear idea about the history of the place but also get an idea about the excellence of Rajasthani art and architecture of the bygone era. It can be guaranteed that you will have a thoroughly enjoyable experience. In fact, you need not be an ardent history lover to like this site. The sheer beauty of the architecture is enough to make your visit to the Gaitore Chattris a worthy experience.

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