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Tour to Khichan

Jaisalmer occupies a significant position in the tourism map of Rajasthan. The variety of attractions in this city of Rajasthan makes it a favorite place for tourists. There are also a number of tourist places located close to Jaisalmer. This encourages excursions from Jaisalmer. Tour to Khichan is very popular among tourists. The place is located 150 kilometers from Jodhpur and is embedded with a number of tourist attractions.

Khichan is small state in Rajasthan. The place offers a unique splendor and beauty of nature. This unique appeal attracts a large number of tourists from different parts of the world. Tours to Khichan is one of the most exciting tours one can ever have.

Attractions of Khichan

The prime attraction of Khichan tour is the variety of birds. Bird lovers will really cherish their visit to the place. Birds are such an integral part of Khichan that villagers or local people of this area enjoy a special relationship with the birds. During the time of winter, 8000 - 10000 birds come down to the place.

There is also a story associated with birds of Khichan. It is believed that a villager named Ratan Lal Malu Jain fed the birds twice. As a result, the birds felt comfortable with the environment. This also increased the number of birds of the avian species. This prompted the villager to ask for other companions to adopt these birds. This initiative was supported by a number of wealthier farmers.

In Khichan you will also find a number of varieties of cranes. This has actually led to the formation of Marwar Crane Foundation. The various initiatives taken by the foundation has actually increased the number of cranes visiting this place by 10% to 15%.

Travel to Khichan as you will also get the opportunity to get close to the rich culture of the region as well. You will be able to hear the folk songs based on the birds. According to the Marwar, it is a sign of good luck.

About tour to Khichan

Try to plan to your tour to Khichan during the months of October to March. Accessing Khichan is also a hassle free affair. Travelers can easily take the help of Jodhpur airport or the railways to reach Khichan. The place is also connected by a broad network of railways.

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