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Bagh e Bahu in Jammu

Bagh-e-Bahu in Jammu is a fantastic Mughal garden that is known for its the serene ambiance and environment. It is also blessed with widespread majestic lawns, blooming flowers, and beautiful fountains. Once you get inside the beautiful Bagh-e-Bahu, soak in the place's natural beauty. You may also get a feeling of being transported to the lost era of forts and kings. Don't resist it. Instead, enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience to the utmost. The garden of Bagh-e-Bahu often attracts many people to its magnificent ambiance, which doubles as a picnic spot. So, whether you come to Bagh-e-Bahu for a picnic or simply for a visit, you will leave mesmerized by its beauty for sure!

History of Bagh-e-Bahu

According to legend, King Jamboo Lochan founded the city. It is believed that one day while hunting, the king witnessed an unusual sight after crossing the Tawi river. He noticed a goat and a tiger drinking water from the same pond. Impressed by this fantastic incident, he chose to construct a city at that particular location. His vision was to make such a city where strong and weak people would live together peacefully, sans any hostility towards each other.

Apart from many tourist attractions in and around the city, Jammu has also grown to become a significant center of culture and art, especially the magnificent paintings of the Pahari school. Amongst the many famous tourist spots, a must-see in your itinerary should be the beautiful terraced garden of Bahu Fort, famous by the name of Bagh-e-Bahu.

How to reach Bagh-e- Bahu

To reach Bagh-e-Bahu in Jammu, people traveling via air may use the Jammu Airport, which is 6 km. away from the central part of the city. Indian Airlines runs daily flights from Srinagar and Delhi to Jammu. The air services provide by some private airlines on this route may also be used. Tourists coming to Jammu by rail would do well to use the rail station of Jammu Tawi.

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