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Mahamaya Temple

Jammu rightly deserves the sobriquet "City of Temples". It consists of a large number of temples that are thronged by a huge number of pilgrims at different times of the year. Temple towers dominate its skyline. Mahamaya Temple in Jammu is one such temple which is flocked by devotees who come to offer their prayers. However the Mahamaya Temple is not merely a place of worship, it is one of the foremost tourist attractions of Jammu.

One of the distinctive characteristic of the Mahamaya Temple is that its presiding deity is not any famous God of the Hindu Pantheon but Mahamaya, a Dogra heroine. The temple is dedicated to this courageous lady who gave up her life fighting for her motherland.

According to popular legend, about fourteen centuries ago, she opposed the foreign attackers and valiantly confronted them. People honor her sacrifice and eulogize her to this day. Her courageous resistance is now a part of the glorious myth of Jammu. And hence not surprisingly an entire temple is dedicated in her honor.

The Mahamaya Temple therefore epitomizes the power and strength of Indian women folk which is often underestimated. It is located just opposite the Bahu Fort, yet another important tourist attraction of Jammu. So when you are on a sight seeing trip, it will be no problem whatsoever to visit the Mahamaya Temple.

Yet another added attraction of the Mahamaya Temple is that it commands a lovely view of the Tawi River. The setting is also quite impressive. It is surrounded by the city forests. All in all, you will surely like visiting this ancient temple which narrates stories of yore and offers a great view of the river.

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