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Nearby places to Jammu

Jammu is designated as Heaven on Earth and totally stands up to its name. In fact, the bestowment of divinity is scattered evenly in its nearby places too, like Nathatop, Sanasar, Udhampur and Patnitop.  All these places are major tourist attractions near Jammu.

Patnitop - Original name of Patnitop is Patan Da Talab, which means the Pond of the Princess. The christening is based on the legend that says there once existed a pond here, amid lush meadows and a beautiful princess often bathed here. Some part of this lake still exists. For young travelers, Patnitop is an adventure hotspot where they can enjoy trekking, paragliding and other such enthralling activities.

Sanasar - Sanasar are basically two hamlets (Sana and Sar) perched at an elevation of 2050 meters above sea level, amid thick woods and meadows. The area is acclaimed for the majestic view of Himalayas, including the Brammah Massif. Over the years, this region has emerged as a preferred spot to try adventure-sports like Paragliding.