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Shivalya Temple in Jammu

The Shivalya Temple in Jammu is just a few hundred meters from Raghunath Temple. It can be covered easily in a single sightseeing trip. The Shivalya Temple contributes to the city's very holy and serene ambiance. Any visitor is sure to feel spiritually uplifted after a visit to the Shivalya Temple. The Shivalya Temple is also popularly referred to as the Panchbakhar Temple. Dedicated to one of the most important Gods of the Hindu Pantheon, Lord Shiva, the Shivalya Temple is flocked by a large number of devotees. They come to offer their prayers to the Lord and seek his blessings. A greater number of people throng the temple premises on special days. After all, it is one of the most reputed Shiva temples in Jammu.

History of Shivalya Temple

Shivalya Temple was built by Raja Guje Singh of Jammu during 1687-1703. Hence, this temple is one of the oldest in Jammu. Due to its self-originated Shivalinga, this temple is considered one of the most significant shrines in Jammu. The coins have been embedded in the slabs of the floor in this Shivalya temple. Therefore it is also renowned as Rupay Wala mandir.

The sights and sounds that are an integral part of any temple premises will indeed be enjoyed when you visit the Shivalya Temple in Jammu. You can plan your Jammu vacation with us and include this temple in your tour. We provide customizable Jammu tour packages that cover meals, sightseeing, transfers, and stays to give you a smooth travel experience.


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