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Shrine of Peer Baba

There are several tourist attractions in Jammu and the Shrine of Peer Baba is a significant one amongst them. A visit to the shrine gives the visitors a valuable insight into the secular character of the nation. India takes pride in being a secular nation where people belonging to different religions co exist in unison and harmony. This secular spirit is well manifested in the Shrine of Peer Baba.

In spite of being the Dargah of a Muslim saint, Hindus and Sikh devotees who flock this religious place particularly on Thursdays are far greater in number than the Muslim followers. They come to seek the blessings of Peer Budhan Ali Shah who is popularly known as Peer Baba.

The people of Jammu irrespective of their religion earnestly believe that Peer Baba is their god father and protector. He will shield the entire city from any impending catastrophe. They owe their allegiance to him based on this firm belief. No calamity can ever strike them because he will surely safeguard them from all looming disasters. So they solemnly offer their prayers to him at the Shrine of Peer Baba.

According to popular legend, Peer Baba was a dear friend of Guru Gobind Singh and lived all his life only on milk. He lived till he attained the age of five hundred and earned a lot of love and respect from the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Even after his death, the admiration and reverence has remained all the same. People still regard him as a guardian no matter to which faith they belong. This is why they visit the Shrine of Peer Baba fairly regularly. The power of belief and faith can be gauged after a visit to the Shrine of Peer Baba.

The Shrine of Peer Baba is located just behind the Civil Airport of Jammu. Make sure you visit it when on a tour to Jammu. You will realize what a legendary figure he is in Jammu. Belief and faith in this mythical character makes the Shrine of Peer Baba a place of prime religious importance where people of all faith congregate.

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