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Bawey Wali Mata Temple

Bawey Wali Mata is famous as the presiding Goddess of Jammu. The temple of Bawey Wali Mata was constructed in 1822, just after Maharaja Gulab Singh was coronated. The deity of this temple is regarded second only to Goddess Vaishno Devi when you consider the mystical powers. Many pilgrims visit this temple every Sunday and Tuesday to participate in "Tawi flowing worship." The temple of Bawey Wali Mata is one of the most esteemed temples of Goddess Kali in India.

Positioned along the banks of river Tawi, the impressive construction of Bahu Fort is probably the oldest construction in Jammu. The splendid waterfalls, green terraced gardens, and blooming flowers inside this fort make it one of the most peaceful forts you would have ever witnessed. Originally built by Raja Bahulochan about 3,000 years ago, this fort was renovated and extended by rulers of the Dogra dynasty. 5 km away from the central part of the city, Bahu Fort is situated on the left bank of river Tawi. The Bahu Fort is pretty well-known for Maha Kali temple, famous by the name of Bawey Wali Mata, positioned inside its premises. Many people visit the temple of Bawey Wali Mata around the year to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

So, make sure to book yourself for a trip to Bawey Wali Mata when you visit Jammu the next time. Just experiencing the serene and divine atmosphere will give you a sense of peace and calm your fraying nerves.


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