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Beaches in Jamnagar

The city of Jamnagar is located in the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat. Hence it bears a coastline that appears to be a sharp contrast when compared to other beaches in India. In spite of the fact that the Jamnagar coastline is tidal by nature, yet it has to offer a few of the most spectacular beaches in the country especially during the high tide. In addition to this, the presence of as many as 42 islands in this region makes the Beaches in Jamnagar a treat for the eyes.

Another noteworthy feature of Beaches in Jamnagar, India is that unlike the other popular Beaches in India, the former provide an atmosphere that perfectly suits the tranquility of the surrounding natural entities. The Beaches in Jamnagar are usually calm and lowly inhabited. Hence walking along the coastline in the early morning or at sunset is a wonderful experience in itself. It would serve as a balm to heal even the deepest of wounds.

As the Beaches in Jamnagar are not as heavily as some of the others in India, they have not been subjected to fulfillment of commercial intensions. Hence they have been cleaner and less polluted with respect to the others. Moreover the Jamnagar Beaches provide you the privacy and the solitude which you might look for during holidays. The beaches are ideally suited for meditating. Many of the Beaches in Jamnagar are places where meditation camps are held.

The wonderful Beaches of Jamnagar display a host of interesting features. These include the following:

The Positra is a lagoon which appears to have come straight out of the story books. The calm waters gently flow past the gently sloping sandy beaches, which are also rocky in patches. The Positra is strictly under the supervision of the Forest Department whose permission is required to visit the place.

The Dabdaba is an island which is situated close to the coast of Bhadu. The place offers boating and swimming facilities on prior approval by the Marine National Park.

Madhi, also known as Okha Madhi is a marvelous Beach situated 22 kilometers away from Dwarka. The waves here are relatively strong as they rush into almost the entire breadth of the beach.

The in Island of Pirotan is another charming spot in the Gulf. The Beaches of Pirotan are accessed by a huge flock of birds which itself provides ample amazement among the tourists. The Forest and the Customs Department along with the ports grant permission to tourists to venture this magnificent place.

The Balachadi is one of the popular and heavily visited Beaches in Jamnagar. The beach draws tourists in large numbers during the festivals and other public holidays. The full moon night casts its magic spell on this Beach.

The Tiny Sandy Island in the lagoon of Bhadu has a beach, whose surface is a combination of sand and rock. It is a place suitable for swimming during low tide.

Sivrajpur also offers an impressive beach which is located 12 kilometers away from Dhaka towards Okha. The beach here is peaceful and allows the visitors to lie down and rest on it.

On the other hand, being desolate, the Beaches of Jamnagar do not offer much refreshment. One needs to carry one's own food and beverages. 


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