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Bet Dwarka Beach in Jamnagar

 Dwarka is a famous pilgrimage destination in India. In addition to luring the religious and emotionally inclined souls, Dwarka also attracts tourists from all over the world to visit its spectacular beaches. The Beyt Dwarka Beach, India is one of such beaches in India, which in spite of being located in a religious destination of Dwarka has attracted tourists from all walks of life.

Description of Beyt Dwarka Beach

The Beyt Dwarka Beach gets its name due to its location in the Bet Island, about 30 kilometers from Dwarka and 148 kilometers away from Jamnagar. There are a number of factors which are responsible for making the Beyt Dwarka Beach in India gain the popularity that it actually has over the years.

A variety of water birds crowd along the shores of the Arabian Sea and impart a charming feel to the surroundings. Even at dusk, one can get to see gathered in the same place.

During the low tides one often becomes amazed to see dolphins often leaping out in the distant sea. In fact, the entire region around the Bet Island is rich in a variety of marine organisms. Dolphins, porpoise, sea turtles, octopus, starfish, sea urchins are the common species that are the permanent inhabitants of the islands. A flock of migratory birds are also known to visit the place every year.

The other specialities of Beyt Dwarka Beach include the white color of the beach and the coral reef. A few temples are also found in the Beach of Bet Dwarka.

For all these attributes, Bet Dwarka Beach has become a favorite picnic spot. Ferries to Beyt Dwarka are available from Okha, which lies to the north of Dwarka.

Thus, although Dwarka is a popular pilgrimage destination, the Beaches like Beyt Dwarka Beach often come as surprise packages for tourists, who after paying their homage, head towards the silent beaches with the intension of relaxing amidst nature.


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